logo Glow in the Dark Gun Sight Paint
Why SiteGlo


SiteGlo is a versatile glow in the dark paint. It can be used on a variety of products such as, but not limited to:

Improves sight acquisition in daylight, indoor light and no light! Excellent for range / competition use for exceptionally fast sight picture in poorly lit range conditions.

Shotguns, Rifles and Muzzleloaders
Improves  pointability, reduces reaction time and increases accuracy.  In low light situations, SiteGlo will give you the edge. If you turkey hunt, you will love SiteGlo for low light conditions! 

Fishing Lures
Fish cannot resist the luminous properties of SiteGlo! Cast or Trolling with SiteGlo coated lures has resulted in excellent results. SiteGlo has been specifically formulated to be resistant to water and saltwater. Adhesion to lures is excellent. Front lure is shown without any paint in both images. Back lure is painted with SiteGlo in both images.

Fluorescent for ultra bright daylight shooting.

Luminescent for glow in the dark and low-light shooting.


SiteGlo is only $9.99 per vial. Each vial contains enough material to paint the sights of over 20 guns. Includes instructions and applicator.