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Why SiteGlo

Why SiteGlo?

Simply put, SiteGlo is tougher and brighter than the competition. SiteGlo's unique technology lasts over ten times as long as competitive glow in the dark technologies. Plus, you get extra bright during the day and ultra illumination at night, in one great product!

Why is SiteGlo a tougher glow in the dark gun sight paint than its competitors?

Resistant in the field to rain, condensation, sweat and blood.  Resistant in the home from traditional bore cleaning solvents like Hoppe's #9 and also new copper removing cleansers like Barnes CR-10.  Also resistant to protective gun oils and preventatives like CLP as well as traditional gun oils.

SiteGlo is engineered with novel resin chemistries that actually bond SiteGlo to the surface and crosslinks (cures) throughout the paint to make it extremely durable and resistant to aggressive chemicals for a permanent finish.

SiteGlo utilizes glow technology that is not only initially ten times brighter and lasts ten times as long, but has long term resistance to fading from being exposed to sunlight in the field.  Competitive paints will lose glow properties after only HOURS in the field. SiteGlo has been designed to last YEARS in the field under exposure yet still perform like new!
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SiteGlo is a brighter glowing gun sight paint than its competitors.

Extra bright during daylight, transforming UV light into visible light, allowing the paint to be brighter than it's surroundings!

Night-time feature. SiteGlo is over TEN times as bright as competitive products
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SiteGlo is only $9.99 per vial. Each vial contains enough material to paint the sights of over 20 guns. Includes instructions and applicator.