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Why SiteGlo

SiteGlo Facts

  • SiteGlo is a has dual Glo technology, for ultra bright daylight AND low light shooting utilizing two separate chemistries in the same paint!

  • SiteGlo is a revolutionary glow in the dark sight paint designed specifically for gun sight coatings from the ground up - not a latex paint that is being "used" as a glow in the dark paint. 

  • Adding SiteGlo to your gun sights increases visibility in low light and no light situations for hunting at dusk / dawn or self defense / law enforcement applications.. SiteGlo also increases visibility and reduces sight acquisition time in full light.

  • SiteGlo is a, non-radioactive permanent solution utilizing novel self cross linking technology to make a paint that is harder, tougher and more resistant to chemicals. Following years of intensive designing and testing, SiteGlo will change the way people think about glow in the dark coatings and gun sight paint.  

  • The luminous technology utilized by SiteGlo results in a paint that is ten times brighter, longer glowing, and more fade proof than other conventional gun sight paints.

  • SiteGlo has also been successfully to paint archery sights & pins, peep sights and fishing lures with excellent results

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SiteGlo is only $9.99 per vial. Each vial contains enough material to paint the sights of over 20 guns. Includes instructions and applicator.